A Line A Day

…the LINE between Work and Play.


“What is LINE?
It is life.”
~ Jean Cocteau (1889–1963)


“The supreme accomplishment
is to blur the LINE
between work and play.”
~ Arnold Toynbee (1889 – 1975)



Look No Further. You Can
Balance Your Work & Life
by Living A LINE A Day…
the LINE Between Work & Play


Let’s Look At Your Daily Life
Before A Line A Day…

You wake up in the morning full of hope and confidence for the day’s challenges, then…

  • …your unfinished assignments start bothering you, your only piece of shaving razor breaks, your kids are not performing to your standards, you boss calls you first thing early in the morning, your wife expects you to lend her your ears for her daily chores…
  • …and then suddenly you find yourself at the bottom of the valley feeling down, down and down…
  • …you read the headlines on the newspaper aimlessly. Somehow, a phrase appears right in front of you, a phrase that is so powerful that it immediately changes your mood!
  • …you become positive again and then you start to notice that many people in your life, especially your loved ones who are closest to you, were once like you before you found the phrase. So you eagerly want to share that phrase with them. And you did, and you see for yourself – they are positive again.

We All Need To Learn To Live Our Life

Well, you may tell yourself, maybe it is not the phrase, maybe it is because of your attitude… but that’s not important. All you have to do is to shout, “YES!” and agree that a meaningful phrase that speaks to you really helps!

“There is a LINE
between a definite maybe
and an indefinite yes.”
~ Mason Cooley

Believe me (or rather believe in yourself), you are not nuts, you are not being eccentric to do this…

“There’s a very fine LINE
between a groove and a rut;
a fine LINE between eccentrics
and people who are just
plain nuts.”
~ Christine Lavin

“There’s a fine LINE between genius and insanity.
I have erased this LINE.”
~ Oscar Levant (1906 – 1972)

“There’s a fine LINE between fishing and
standing on the shore like an idiot.”
~ Steven Wright

You will start to love your life more. You will start want to live more. But, be careful…

“There is a very fine LINE
between loving life
and being greedy for it.”
~ Maya Angelou

It is so easy to say, “Let’s live my life just a LINE a day… the LINE between Work and Play.” Not long after, you will also find that the LINE is so blur! Well, don’t despair.

“The English never draw a LINE
without blurring it.”
~ Winston Churchill (1874-1965)

And according to Sydney J. Harris:

“We have not passed that subtle LINE between childhood and adulthood until we move from the passive voice to the active voice
– that is, until we have stopped saying “It got lost,” and say,
“I lost it.””
~ Sydney J. Harris

When you reach office, somehow, someone will try to tell you not to be so superstitious about all this quotations or jokes. They will try to tell you that nothing is easy in life.

Who can define the boundary LINE
between the superstition of yesterday

and the scientific fact of tomorrow?”
~ Garrett Fort (1900-1945)

Don’t give up on yourself just because of all these negative people around you.

“A man is a golden impossibility.
The LINE he must walk
is a hair’s breadth.”
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803-1882)

Those who say there is no formula for happiness have not listened to what Friedrich Nietzsche said.

“Formula of my happiness:
a Yes, a No, a straight LINEa goal.”
~ Friedrich Nietzsche


Ok. So what is aLINEaday all about?

Is ALL About You!

Being a subscriber of A LINE A DAY, you will receive carefully selected aLINE(ofSOMETHING)aday everyday. They are light-hearted and may take the form of a Famous Quotation, a Joke, a Word of Wisdom, a Tip or even a Quiz, etc.

Many of them are from my personal collections, accumulated over many years (I am that old.) Not only they are collected out of my personal interest, they sure have helped me. Some of them can never (or not easy to) be found elsewhere. That is for sure.

And all these are One-Liners (Let’s admit it. We could hardly have time for all the long and boring stuff in our taxing life today – be it motivational or even jokes.)


aLINEaday Is For YOU at NO CHARGE.

“But these one-liners are available elsewhere, in a book, in the library or on the Internet, so what’s the big deal?” You may ask.


OK, how often will one go to the library to look for one phrase to restore one’s confidence and self-esteem? Will you search through piles and piles of old books in your storeroom just because your loved ones need an inspiration for the day? How often do you buy books on just motivation? They cost you time, effort and money!


Trust me, many a time; what we only need
is a one-liner to make our day.

Furthermore, you’d never know, some tips from someone we don’t know may be so helpful in our daily chores. I have personally seen many of my friends’ kids’ loving these quotations or jokes so much that they have printed them out and posted them on their study rooms’ walls.


All these are just right in front of you.
24 hours everyday. FREE!

Besides, once in a while, I may give you some good articles, jokes, quiz, quotations (that cannot be expressed in a one-liner) on different areas of interest – just to say thank you.


Wait no more. Look no further.


to subscribe to aLINEaday and see for yourself how your life will be different from now on… by just living


It’s FREE!


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“Learn your LINEs.”
~ Al Pacino (1940 – )

Balance to your Work & Life,



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